Did Mitsuki betray Team 7? Boruto- Episode 79

We all know that Mitsuki left Konoha for unknown reasons. Well, the episode suggests that Mitsuki has left the village with his free will! Maybe he is doing an undercover mission for the village who knows, let’s get started.



Boruto & others were tracking Mitsuki for his whereabouts & ended up with this guy named Kokuyou. They noticed that he took down some Konoha Jonins & they were totally defeated. He claims himself to be a superhuman & they all engaged in a serious battle. It seems that he has much higher Battle IQ than rest & it was giving him quite a leverage in the fight. He & his weird creature named Akuta gave a serious pressure on them as Kokuyou’s skills & Akuta was quite formidable. They both were able to corner the Team 10.



Meanwhile, they met another suspicious guy named Sekiei with whom Mitsuki fled. This guy can use the Kinjutsu: Detonating Clay of Hidden Stone. He gave quite a hard time on Boruto & Sarada where Boruto was forced to Summon Garaga. Garaga‘s rampage & Boruto‘s strategy was turning the tables until Mitsuki appears.


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Well, Mitsuki‘s sudden appearance made Boruto vulnerable. He offered Konoha‘s headband to Mitsuki instead of accepting it he attacked with his Lightning style Jutsu Snake Lightning.

So guys its easier to assume that Mitsuki betrayed Team 7 & Konoha but the manga says otherwise. In Manga, the scenario is different as Team 7 has Mitsuki. It’s highly likely possible that Anime will follow the flow of Manga. Let’s catch episode 80. Make sure to connect with me.

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Boruto vs Garaga: Episode 77

There’s a lot of new stuff happened in this week’s episode. In case you are catching up late in Boruto, you should know that Boruto is in Ryuchi cave in search for answers. He & his friends are aiding him in that tough terrain to attain the Reverse Scale of Garaga the Giant Snake.



Let’s look at Garaga first, he’s the most notorious & feared One-eyed giant snake of the Ryuchi cave, even the White Snake Sage is pissed with him. He is a short-tempered Violent Giant snake who has major trust issues with Humans especially after betrayed by his previous summoner, & now he considers ‘Trust’ as a foolish act. Now Garaga has been encountered by Boruto, Aoda (another Giant Snake) & his friends.



The episode started with an intense battle between Garaga & Aoda. Subsequently, Garaga attacked Boruto & others, well Garaga had the upper hand as he was in his terrain only. He camouflaged himself to trick them to overpower them. But with combined efforts & execution of strategies of Team 7 & 10 made the tables turn.



When Boruto was about to finish the battle he barged into Garaga’s mind & saw his past. They argued over the trust of humans & about Mitsuki too. Boruto challenged the fact that Mitsuki didn’t betray them. The episode ended with a twist, Boruto sealed the deal of White Snake Sage by entering into Summoning Contract with Garaga.

Well, guys, this episode packs a lot of suspense & thrill. Episode 77 onwards it feels like Boruto’s gonna rock the show. Stay tuned for more updates…