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Lucy’s untold past & Aquarius returns- Episode 19 Fairy Tail S9

From the beginning of Fairy Tail, some of the characters’ origin was never been revealed & Lucy is among them, in this episode Aquarius told her family’s past.

The episode started with Kagura confronted by a powerful wizard Dimaria Yesta one of the members of Spriggan 12. Just after appearing in the field she stripped Kagura’s kimono without swinging her sword. This creates tremendous tension on the battlefield.

Here in the guild Brandish wakes up after being saved from Marin. Then Cana started to interrogate her but she refused to say anything. But she agreed to talk with lucy with a condition being alone with her.

Then Brandish reveals that her name is Brandish μ her mother is Grammie who worked for Layla Heartfilia as Servant. When Layla retired from being Celestial wizard she entrusted her 3 Zodiac keys to her 3 servants. Capricorn to Zordio, Cancer to Spetto & Aquarius to Grammie.

Brandish accused Lucy’s mother of betrayal & killing Grammie. She then says that Lucy is naive & she trusts people easily. She tries to choke Lucy to death.

But Lucy was saved by Aquarius. Lucy was glad to see Aquarius again, she then explained that after her key broke a new Water Bearer key reappeared on earth. She can temporarily visit earth thanks to Spirit King.

Aquarius literally tames her & we can see Brandish’s submissive behaviour in front of Aquarius. She told that Grammie wasn’t killed by Layla.

Aquarius takes them to the archive of celestial spirits memories reveal the truth & Lucy’s past. They saw, Anna Hertfilia the great celestial wizard who had a certain plan with Zeref to send Dragons to future using Eclipse magic, to defeat Acnologia.

The Eclipse Magic opens a portal to a future timeline which sent warriors of 400 years ago to the future. The Heartfilia family opened the Eclipse door & waited to connect it.

Layla opened the Eclipse door & it generally takes 12 zodiac keys to open it. Due to the absence of Aquarius, she used her life force to open it. This lead to Magic Deficiency Syndrome & her health deteriorated. Few days after Grammie went to see her & gave Aquarius’s key to Layla. She was killed by Zordio when she left Layla’s place. Seeing this Brandish broke into tears & Lucy hugged her to comfort her.

Meanwhile Happy arrives with Natsu being unconscious, he then explains that Natsu turned like this after battling with Zeref. Porlyusica diagnosed Natsu had Anti-ether-nano tumour in his body due to over usage of magic for years.

At that moment Brandish comes to aid him with her magic. She minimized that tumour to negligible level & saved Natsu. After this Brandish returns to her cell & she showed least interested to be friends with Lucy.

After this Aquarius entrusts Lucy to find her key. Though she can’t disclose the location or whatsoever she believes in her.

Well in this episode we got to know about Lucy & other kinds of stuff. Make sure to join our Facebook group & stay tuned to Fairy Tail.

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Natsu vs Zeref- Episode 17 S9 Fairy Tail

This is fight we Fairy Tail fans were waiting for, the battle of Legendary wizards. Dragonslayer vs Immortal Black wizard.

Lets sum up first this is the 9th season of Fairy Tail & in previous season Fairy Tail Zero we saw the formation of the guild & n last we saw the arrival of Natsu at Grand Magic games & blowing it up XD. Before that Fairy Tail guild was disbanded by Master Makarov due to unknown reason right after the battle with Tartaros. So in this season, we see that Natsu, Lucy & Happy are in a quest to form up the guild again. They did gather every member together to form the guild again.

While searching for their master they discovered that Master Makarov was in Alvarez in another continent to negotiate with the King of Alvarez Spriggan for peace. But Makarov discovered that Spriggan is none other than Zeref. His plan is to wage a war against Ishgar & wipe out every single guild & also he wants to acquire the Fairy Tail’s greatest secret Lumen Histoire a.k.a Fairy Heart which has an infinite supply of magic power & with this one can blast Etherion at there wish.

The episode started with pressure at guild hall where everyone is tensed as Army of Alvarez has attacked Ishgar from all sides. Warren reports that all the guilds of the east were wiped out by enemies. But apart from this, there are other guilds of Fiore who are willing to help.

Here at North Sabertooth & Blue Pegasus is headed out to take out the enemy & in South Mermaid Heel & Lamia scale is heading too. From the Guild Mavis forms small teams to aid all the Military forces of Ishgar. Mirajane, Elfman, Levy, Lisanna, Gajeel & Lily are heading towards north.

Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy, Charles & Laxus are ordered to head towards south but due to Natsu’s absence, Erza takes his place. Lucy & Cana are keeping an eye on the enemy prisoner as per order.

At far East where enemy forces are greatest, Ishgar’s Top notch Military is called upon the Four Emperors of Ishgar. They are the last hope for Ishgar at eastbound.

Meanwhile, Warren noticed that Natsu was approaching West at great speed. His plan was to pull Zeref onto the battlefield. With Natsu’s dazzling flame attacks the enemy army was totally overwhelmed. Natsu crashed at the enemy at full force no one was able to withstand his magic power.

Just with one attack Fire Dragon King: Roar he wiped out almost 1000 men out of 1 million & changed the landscape. Then Zeref appeared earlier than expected. Zeref then ordered Invel to pushback several kilometres to clear the battleground.

The fierce battle began after Natsu charged with full force at Zeref. Natsu was overwhelming for Zeref itself as he is a lot stronger than before. He didn’t give Zeref to attack properly as he burned Zeref’s Spell. As they were fighting it was like 2 glowing balls of light was crashing at each other.

Zeref was amused by Natsu’s power. Natsu then unleashed his secret power & explained that this power was given by Igneel itself Igneel’s tenacity. It took 10 months to harness its power & now he’s releasing it for once as this power can’t be regenerated.

The episode ended with Natsu being entering into Fire Dragon King Mode & scorched the vicinity with his tremendous flames. Zeref finally felt joy as he was amused that the power given by dead can kill him for good. As his wish was about to come true he thanked Igneel, Anna, Layla, Mavis & his little brother Natsu.

So guys Fairy Tail’s comeback is very exciting & I’m very happy to do blogs 0n this.

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Team 7 vs Ku- Episode 91 Boruto

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Team 7 in a serious battle. Despite all has been going up until Team 7 they finally managed to settle things with Mitsuki & be united again.

The episode started with Ku who recently grasped a human heart which enhanced his durability two folds. He totally overpowered Team 7 with his raw power. His main target was Mitsuki as he would develop more fabrications with Mitsuki’s help & he kept attacking Mitsuki.

When Mitsuki was pushed by Ku Boruto intervened to attack Ku which didn’t succeed & Boruto was thrashed. When Ku was about to obliterate Boruto with his Particle Style Mitsuki riled up with Senjutsu Chakra. He entered into sage mode just to protect Boruto. He then aggressively fought with Ku. But Ku turned off Mitsuki’s sage power with his Earth Style Jutsu: Golem.

Meanwhile, Team 10 & 15 requested Naruto & Sai to escort them to Hidden Stone for Team 7‘s sake but Naruto declined but indirectly approved by saying “They are lucky to have friends like you all”. Shikamaru acted like he didn’t notice anything & Boruto’s friends followed Naruto & Sai to Hidden Stone.

Here Naruto is a very generous & open-minded leader he’s not like past rigid leaders who would not appreciate ideals of youth. He takes everyone’s opinion & works with it. In Naruto’s hand, Konoha’s youths are growing full-fledged.

Ku being at advantage he tried to annihilate all with his Particle Style but Sarada evaded this attack by punching through the ground in off-screen. Team 7 decided to knock Ku together. With combined efforts, they only managed to destroy only Ku’s heart.

Ohnoki who was tagging along with Team 7 finally pushed himself & Ku at his limits. He ended Ku with his powerful Particle Style Jutsu which totally disintegrated Ku.

Naruto & Sai arrived at the scene along with Boruto’s friends following them & taking note of the situation from Konohamau. Kurotsuchi & Akatsuchi was crying in front of Ohnoki for his injury/death which is not confirmed.

Well, this episode was a hell of action & there were some facts unanswered hope they get answered soon in future episodes of Boruto. So guys stay tuned to Boruto & follow my blog for more insights.

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Mitsuki vs Sekiei- Boruto Episode 90

Mitsuki’s comeback wasn’t that unexpected as we witnessed in previous episode that he betrayed Ku by his own will.

The episode started with Ku who is utterly disappointed by Mitsuki who betrayed him & injured him. He then fled & went for getting a heart of a human. Boruto & Sarada went in a pursuit which leaves Mituki & Sekiei whose also shocked with Mitsuki’s decision.

Meanwhile chasing Ku Boruto & Sarada was obstructed by Kirara. Kirara & Akuta army went on full force against Boruto & Sarada. To make things worse Kirara summoned a giant Akuta Golem to overpower them. But Boruto also had a trump card he then summoned Garaga.

Obnoxious Garaga rampaged upon the golem & defeated it. Kirara tried a futile attempt to subdue Sarada but couldn’t stand against Sarada’s Sharingan. At last Kirara was defeated by Sarada & she collapsed in the ground with her withering body.

On the other hand, Mitsuki tried futile attempts to verbally resolve the situation but Sekiei was desperate to takedown Mitsuki. Sekiei showered a barrage of attacks with his Exploding Clay jutsu.

Despite Sekiei’s aggressive attacks, Mitsuki took him down with a single move Lightning Style: Snake LightningSekiei finally collapsed in the ground as his body couldn’t continue to fight & just like other fabrications he passed away.

As Tsuchikage & other Hidden Stone villagers were rescued here Ku killed their scientist & implanted his heart. Ku is recovered & he is at full potential. Now its up to Team 7 & others to end this fight for good.

Lets catch up in my next blog & keep watching Boruto.

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Ku’s revolt- Episode 88 Boruto

Despite the fact that fabrications have their will Ohnoki deliberately denied this & faced the unforeseen consequence. As we know the spoilers were correct about Ku’s treason.

The episode started with Boruto & his friends being captured by Kirara a fabrication accompanied by Ohnoki & his army of Akutas. Though the situation could be different & it didn’t as Inojin was in the Genjutsu of Kirara & it was piece of cake for her to take them into custody.

Ohnoki was surprised to see that villagers of Hidden Stone were absent on the streets & not a single person was there, instead, Akutas were roaming in the street. Ohnoki asked Ku what was the reason for the absence of villagers yet he was shocked that Ku himself ordered fabrications to capture all the villagers for taking them as hostages. Ohnoki was very disturbed about this as what he aimed for was totally opposite of Ku’s action as fabrications were solely designed for human ninja substitutes for battles & maintaining peace among the village.

As Ohnoki was determined to remove Ku from the command, & he was about to leave Ku asked that was Ohnoki implying him to die along the fabrications? Then out of nowhere he attacked Ohnoki & knocked him unconscious.

As ordered by Ku fabrications were ready exterminate Boruto & his friends but they were rescued by Shikadai. 5 of them were heading out but again faced by a Fabrication. Boruto & Sarada then left in search of Mitsuki & Shikadai & his team engaged with the Fabrication in a intense fight.

Later, at the end of the episode, Boruto & Sarada were obstructed by Kirara & they were caught in her genjutsu. This Genjutsu of Kirara rivals single tomoe Sharingan which is amusing to see. Sarada here was unable to cast off this genjutsu which caused them to be immobile.

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Boruto vs Kakuo- The new Particle Style user

Well, Boruto show is going low for some time because of the long stretched Mitsuki series. Boruto is stuck with Team 10 & his team to rescue Mitsuki. Here former Tsuchikage Ohnoki trying to convince Boruto that his project on Akuta & synthetic humans.

Unable to convince Ohnoki declares that they’re enemies from now on. From this part Episode 87 starts, where Boruto confronts Kakuo another synthetic human who came to retrieve Ohnoki. 

Kakuo was ordered to capture Boruto for good. Both started fighting where Boruto was in pressure as he had to rescue his friend teammate. Kakuo had upper hand as he was synthetic human & was good at earth style jutsu.

Kakuo’s ninjutsu was at his edge as it’s a very powerful form of Kekkei Touta Particle Style which was created by 2nd Tsuchikage. It’s quite surprising to see that Kakuo has Particle style, no doubt that Ohnoki has modified him to bear similar skill as Ohnoki. Boruto was totally overpowered by his jutsu. It was difficult without reinforcements.

Finally, Sarada & Cho-Cho arrived at the scene to aid Boruto. Sarada’s inhuman strength pushed Kakuo at corner & she analysed his weakness. They all went to take charge of the field but couldn’t.

Kakuo collapses

The battle took different turn & Kakuo was enraged & fired countless Particle Style cubes at them. Kakuo prepared final shot by creating humongous Cube of Particle Style which came with a price & fired at Boruto. But this made his body fragile & he passed away in the battlefield.

Inojin attacks Boruto while in Genjutsu

The episode ended with Inojin taking Boruto as a hostage while in the Genjutsu of Kirara another synthetic human girl. They were captured by the army of Akuta.

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Sasuke & Sarada, Parent & child day- Boruto Episode 95

Well, this episode certainly shows how Sasuke tries to get along with Sarada & fulfil her expectations.

The episode started with Sarada being ready for her training with Boruto. We see that Sasuke was roaming in the streets of Konoha in search of Sarada. He then met Boruto asked Sarada & also he learnt about Parent & Child day, he then remembers his childhood where he wanted to prove himself to his father & be acknowledged. We can see here glimpses of past naruto series where Sasuke masters Fireball Jutsu.

Then both went to the festival in the streets, Sarada was happy & surprised to see Sasuke & she wanted to spend time with him more. But Sasuke struggles to have quality time with her. He embarrasses her in an attempt to make her comfortable.

Sasuke tries to buy her stuff & offers her piggyback ride but it made Sarada more embarrassed & she left being annoyed by her father.

Kakashi appears in the scene provides him with weird ways to win over her daughter. Later he catches up with Sarada & calls her “peanut” in a cute way but he screws up & makes it weirder which is very hilarious to see. Again Sarada left annoyed by his father.

After reconciliation from both sides, Sasuke helps in her Shuriken training & acknowledges her dream to be The Hokage & supports her to pursue it.

The episode ended with Boruto & Naruto train together & celebrating togetherness in Parent & child day. Here in this episode, we can see a lot of character development occurred between Sasuke & Sarada & other characters. These fillerish type of episode may slow down the flow but these kinds of episodes are required to increase the depth of characters.

Well, stay tuned to Boruto.

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Naruto Characters who will return in Boruto

In today’s blog, I’m going to tell you about Old Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Characters who will most likely appear in Boruto & sharing screen time. This topic is often discussed among Naruto & Boruto fans. Well, guys don’t just expect anything like reviving of dead characters this is just a theory only.

1. Baki

Baki who is a Jonin of Hidden Sand village & a member of its advisory council. He was one of the main characters in Naruto’s initial part but later became an underrated character. Baki is a powerful Jonin of his village, as well as one of its council’s highest-ranking members; he’s often shown taking charge of military operations.

The last time Baki was mentioned was in “Gaara Shinden: A Sandstorm Mirage”. He was sent on a mission with his former student, Gaara. He is most likely alive in Boruto & if there is an arc in Hidden Sand then he’s definitely gonna appear.

2. Gamakichi & Katsuyu

Next characters are summonings of Naruto & Sakura which is expected to happen. The last time we saw Gamakichi & Katsuyu was during 4th Ninja war where Team 7 summoned Three-way Deadlock. Moreover, Aoda has already appeared in Boruto so we can expect Gamakichi & Katsuyu in Boruto.

3. Hidan

Our next character is Hidan from Akatsuki, is S-rank missing ninja of the Hidden Hot Springs village. Despite being buried by Shikamaru, he is still alive. When Kakuzu was reanimated during 4th Ninja war, Hidan was absent. Kakuzu took Hidan’s absence as proof that he is alive.

In 2014 New York Comic Con, Masashi Kishimoto said that Hidan was still alive in Nara forest. It’ll be awesome if we can see him in Boruto working with Kara. He is the most interesting character & also we know nothing about his religion, which seems very mysterious.

4. Black Zetsu

Next character is Black Zetsu without it we can’t expect our next character. Black Zetsu is the physical manifestation of Kaguya Otsutsuki. It secretly instigated & manipulated ninjas to shape the Ninja world for the revival of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Already we’ve seen White Zetsu in Boruto so it’s highly likely possibility that we may see Black Zetsu in near future.

5. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Yes, guys, you saw just right, Kaguya is the character who will appear in Boruto. It may be shocking for many. She was the matriarch of the Otsutsuki clan & mother of Hagoromo & Hamura Otsutsuki. She was already sealed by Naruto & Sasuke but there is a big chance of her returning.

Originally she was appointed by her clan to harvest the fruit of Shinju in Earth. But she developed an attachment with this planet & she also prepared an army of White Zetsu against her clan. This led to Momoshiki to hunt her down.

Based on that we can say that Kaguya was not the real evil, all she wanted to protect the planet from her clan. Moreover, she is sealed not dead. Now Kaguya & ninja world have one common enemy & in future, in a battle against Otsutsukis, she will be a valuable asset.

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